Answers to Frequent Questions

What is SeeMe?

SeeMe is an exclusive international community of creatives, who use photography and other mediums to celebrate the image as their main tool of creation. Since 2012, we've hosted dozens of exhibitions from New York City to Art Basel Miami to The White House to The Louvre


How much does it cost to be a SeeMe Member?

Our regular annual membership is $199 per year or $59 per quarter. For inaugural members, the annual membership is $99 per year or $33 per quarter.

This discount rate expires March 31st. 


How Do I Become a Member?

Simple, first apply for membership by clicking the "APPLY" button on this webpage.  Be sure to include your portfolio in your application.  Our team will review your application and portfolio and if accepted, you will be sent a letter explaining how to initiate your membership and what comes next.  


What do I get with membership?

Membership Includes:

Guaranteed inclusion in at least 1 exhibition within our global program.

Guaranteed inclusion in at least 1 of our quarterly printed catalogues. 

Eligibility to participate in at least 7 juried global photography and art competitions in 2018-- beginning with our Armory Week competition.

Consideration for inclusion in the SeeMe Shop where we will promote your products based on your work to our 1 million+ subscribers..  Any work included in the Shop is subject to a limited grant of rights by you and can be removed at any time if you wish.  

Opportunity for promotion to hundreds of thousands of viewers on our website, social channels, and through our email newsletter.

Access to our membership team will work directly with you to bring our promotional resources to support you with commercial opportunities that match your work/interests. 


Am I guaranteed to be shown at an exhibition?

Yes, your work will be digitally exhibited within at least one of our global exhibitions.


Am I guaranteed to be featured in one of the quarterly catalogs?

Yes, your work will be featured within at least one of our quarterly printed catalogues.


Will you be hosting competitions and open calls?

Yes, we will be hosting open calls exclusively for our members throughout our exhibition calendar.  


What are the awards FOR THE COMPETITIONS?

Each competition will have its own jury and awards.  The awards will include exhibitions, cash grants, and more.  Some open calls will be in partnership with sponsors, offering the opportunity to bring your work to an even larger audience.

SeeMe open calls and competitions are open exclusively to SeeMe members.  


How do I submit images of my work?

Submission is simple, quick and completely online.  If you are accepted for membership, we will send instructions for submitting your work for exhibition.


You say SeeMe is "reborn" what has changed, what's new?

On November 1st, 2017, a new team took over the reigns at SeeMe with the goal of expanding the opportunities for the incredible creative community that has been built over the past five years.

This new team, lead by Brendan Burns of 1000 Museums, brings years of experience working professionally in the arts, print-on-demand and the online education space.  Brendan is a true businessperson in the art & culture space and has been involved in several important online companies that benefited artists and cultural institutions.

The original SeeMe team is assisting the transition, to ensure the quality, integrity and beauty is maintained as the community grows into this next exciting phase.  

We are thrilled by what is coming next.  We hope you will join us.


Your's in beauty,


Brendan Burns

CEO of SeeMe




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