Oct. 5th 2013, 6pm - 12pm

1 BLOCK PARTY. 3 DIFFERENT spaces. 1000s OF artists

Erica Peruggi
The artwork projections will be shown on the 42-story Linc LIC building. The viewing will take place across from Linc LIC, at “The Rockrose Lot” which is also showcasing the sculpture “Parting” through a partnership with Socrates Sculpture Park. The park will also include a food festival.
The See.Me Exhibition space will host an international digital exhibition of #CreativesRising artists. There will be live music here throughout the evening.
Warehouse space will showcase an interactive installation called “The Seeds that Release" by Taxiplasm and Joseph Grazi from from 6-10pm presented in collaboration with Contaminate. Dance party will follow from 10 pm to 2 am.