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Our mission is to highlight both your work and the story behind iT.  WE AIM TO BRING ARTISTS worldwide attention, TELLING YOUR STORY TO A GLOBAL AUDIENCE. 


Your portfolio must by complete by:
Midnight September 30th

All submissions are handled using Squarespace's portfolio and/or e-commerce builder. You don't have to buy anything to participate, just upload images and share your portfolio and your story with us.  Then we promote you to the world!

Here is how it works: 

If you haven’t already, create a portfolio on Squarespace.
Click here to build your portfolio.  

Upload your best work.  Our judges will be reviewing all the images you load into this portfolio as well as any text / artist statement / bio that you include.  We love to hear about the story behind the work.  

There is no purchase necessary to participate, but if you like what you build use the discount code “SeeMe” to save 10%. 


 An example Squarespace portfolio from SeeMe Member Alex Nero

An example Squarespace portfolio from SeeMe Member Alex Nero

Tell us your story and show us your work
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At this step, you will send us your Squarespace URL so we can review your work. We also have a few questions to answer to give us the story behind what you create including who you are and why you create. 

Our team and SeeMe will include your story in the promotion we run of your work, starting with inclusion in a Facebook album promoted to our 394,000 followers. 

Select creators will be called out in individual Facebook posts, posts on our website and our newsletter going to over 1 million people. One selected artist or photographer will receive: 

A solo show in New York City. 

This will include: 

+ A One Month Artist Residency +
+ A Reception Celebrating You and Your Work +
+ A Studio Work Space +
+ A Living Space +
+ A Cash Grant + 

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We look forward to seeing your best work!

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