“Callicore Sensor” by Olivia Daane, Edition of 200

“Callicore Sensor” by Olivia Daane, Edition of 200


“Callicore Sensor”

24" x 24" • Edition of 20
Archival Pigment Print (Unframed)


Olivia Daane is an American artist and the owner of LiveAspenArt Gallery in Aspen, Colorado. Her latest body of work has been large, mixed media butterflies on canvas. Filled with her use of color and love of language, they share, as through a key to a map, Olivia's view of art as a language that can dissolve barriers to communication.

Daane is an environmentalist whose love of language stems from her study of 16th-century literature. “I’ve always liked the use of words in my work, and each of my paintings comes with a document to help the owner unravel the hidden puzzle.” Daane creates and shows her butterflies at the LivAspenArt Studio, and, in 2006, she launched the LivAspenArt Gallery in an attempt to showcase emerging contemporary artists. “I wanted a place where people in Aspen could interact with artists from the Roaring Fork Valley,” she says. “The local population has been insanely receptive.”