Anna Bekerskaya

Artists Wanted
for a Solo Show in NEW YORK CITY

SeeMe, Chashama Gallery and Squarespace are partnering to offer one artist or photographer an opportunity that just might change your life.  A solo show in New York City. We are looking for an artist with a well-defined portfolio of work and a compelling story to be exhibited at a solo show in New York City. If awarded, you will receive a solo-exhibition, a cash grant, live and work space and global publicity to millions of viewers online.

Entry Deadline August 25th 2016


All submissions get featured on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to over 400,000 total followers. Select Artists get featured on our newsletter that goes out to over a million subscribers.


This summer, we are awarding a solo-exhibition, a cash grant, live and work space and global publicity to millions of viewers online for one artist or photographer with a well crafter portfolio and compelling story. 


Chashama will select one creator from this project to be awarded a month long artist-in-residence including an apartment in New York City, space to create and a solo exhibition.  


How it works:

The way this works is simple. Start by letting us know who you are on the form to the right.   Next, one of our community team will get in touch with you about how to complete your submission.  

All submissions are handled using Squarespace's portfolio and/or e-commerce builder.  You don't have to buy anything to participate, just upload images and share your portfolio and your story with us. Then we promote you to the world!


Start Here - First, tell us a little about you:

Your Name *
Your Name
This can be where you live now, what you claim as home, or whatever location in the world that is most meaningful to you. This will be part of your story.

What does the Solo Show Include?

We believe creators deserve to be seen. This solo show is a global promotional project about getting your story and your work in front of a worldwide audience + allowing you to make work while living in New York City.

+ A One Month Artist Residency +
+ A Reception Celebrating You and Your Work +
+ A Studio Work Space +
+ A Living Space +
+ A Cash Grant +

How does this work?

The process is simple.  

First, sign up here to be part of the project and receive full details. Then, build your site on Squarespace.  

If you like your Squarespace website, be sure to use our exclusive promotional code “SeeMe” to receive 10% off!

Finally, once you finish your site, you can share your story here. From there, we will feature your work!

What do I get for participating?

Everyone who participates in this promotion will have their story featured in a Facebook album starting September 1st 2016 promoted to over 375,000 followers. Select creators will be featured in our email newsletter reaching over 1 million people, as well as individually in special Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.

When is the deadline to complete my Squarespace portfolio?

August 25th 2016

Why are you guys changing things up?

Our mission from the start has been to support creators with greater exposure both online and off. With this campaign, we will be able to host incredible shows unlike anything else in the world. This comes in partnership with Chashama, who hosts exhibitions in spaces including Times Square, the World Trade Center and other locations throughout New York City..

By also partnering with Squarespace, we are fully able to offer what our members have been asking for the most, a simple beautiful way to sell your work online and a gorgeously full-featured portfolio to display work. Squarespace’s newly upgraded products do just that and we are thrilled to be partners with them.

When Will I see my work featured on Facebook?

After you complete the second step of the submission process, Serena, from our community team will get in touch with you with when your work will be featured during the fall of 2016.  We are a very small team making this very large project happen, so please be patient as we do our best to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.  

How do I get featured on the SeeMe homepage?

Our community team will be selecting a new artist everyday to feature on our homepage, as well as a handful of creators to feature individually through all our social channels.

Everyone who participates and completes the second step of the promotion (sharing your story and your Squarespace URL) will be featured in a Facebook album, promoted to over 375,000 followers!  

I really like my new Squarespace website, how do I keep it?

Click the “Upgrade” button within the Squarespace website editor.

Be sure to use the promo code “SeeMe” to save 10% on your Squarespace website. 

I built a Squarespace website, but it has expired. How do I reactivate  it?

Please click here to reactivate it :

Can you help me build my Squarespace website?

You can find tons of help, videos and get in touch with a Squarespace customer service person by clicking here.

How much does it cost to participate?

It’s free to participate!  

You don’t need to pay anything to be part of this promotion. Squarespace is underwriting this entire project, hoping that you love their portfolio building platform as much as the tens of thousands of artists and photographers who are already using their platform.  You can set up a free trial Squarespace site, a portfolio or an ecommerce page.  

If you  are selected for a feature we will be promoting directly to your Squarespace site, so make sure you show us your best work!

We will be featuring all creators who send us their Squarespace website Facebook (and beyond if selected.)  We can only promote your Squarespace site (if you previously setup a Wix site from our previous promotion, contact us, and we will make sure you are taken care of.)

If you like your Squarespace website, be sure to use our exclusive promotional code “SeeMe” to receive 10% off!

I was a SeeMe member on the old site, what happened to my profile there?

With this partnership with Squarespace, we have discontinued the SeeMe portfolio application.  This allows our team to focus on promoting artists and creators vs. running a technology platform.  We believe that with this partnership we can bring you the best tools to show your work via Squarespace alongside a thriving community, a global promotion, and world-class events via SeeMe.  

All members were notified of the coming change in the platform via two e-mails in March of 2016.  For the privacy of our members, we have discontinued the old platform as of April 31st and have no way of recovering the expired data or images.


For Questions, Concerns, Inquiries write to us at :